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No Longer Available

Now available: A New Weighted dimple type VFO Knob made just for the Elecraft K3
      The original K3 knob weighs in around 3.5 ounces. These premium USA made knobs weigh 14 ounces and they tune just wonderful. This knob is made of heavy alloy steel and its coated with a durable black powder coat finish.  The black goes great with the radio and feels nice and soft in your hand.
     Installation is easy and all hardware is Stainless Steel.  Everything is CNC Machined from billet stock right here in the USA.  The set screw that holds the knob in place is a flat tip style (no marring of your VFO shaft). Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed 30 days or you may return it for a full refund.

Knob Specs:

Weight 14 Ounces, accepts 1/4 inch diameter shaft,  #8-32 set screw (use 5/64" Hex Key wrench also available for $2.00 additional).